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Harness the power of your data

PTGEM’s IoT APIs are powerful tools to harness the power of your data that’s still crude and unintelligible without the visual elements. Our API has a wide range of useful applications for building owners, city councils, security firms, building managers, security managers, building tenants, IT managers, facility managers. Some of its salient features are:

Monitoring temperature and warm
bodies in a given location
Equipping dashboards with more actionable insights and visual data
Real-time and precise space utilization data for better office space management
Reliable insights on occupants’ presence, count and locations
Significant energy savings with the help of light distribution sensing
Actionable insights for staff planning in cleaning and maintenance operation
Precise data on traffic, paths, queue dynamics and display attention of shoppers for better retail optimization
Effective tracking of vehicles, objects or devices on the move
Dedicated support and customer care from our expert team

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