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Add Intelligence To Your Data with PTGEM’s IoT API

Spatial intelligence is the result of a sophisticated combination of geo-­data and technology within a well-­equipped development environment. IoT users and developers who want to embed spatial intelligence into a business software or application don’t usually have the resources and expertise to build it from the ground up. This is  where our digital mapping API solution comes into play. With reliable, accurate  and real-­time rendering, it helps overcome your information dilemma in only a few  steps, saving you the time and money that can be invested in other important  areas of your business.

Our digital mapping API and ad-­hoc applications are tailored to the specific needs  of our customers and the devices they use to monitor, control and manage spatial data in a day-­to-­day business environment. PTGEM’s API comes with a 3D visualization  capability and works smoothly across a diverse network of IoT devises and  sensors, including CCTVs, Movement Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Humidity Sensors,  Earthquake Sensors, Smoke Sensors, Sound Sensor, Monitoring Devises and even Cameras with  live streaming functions. With our Digital Mapping API integrated, you can now benefit  from your data in ways never imagined before!  


Get in touch and talk to us about your project  and we will pick a mapping solution (or design one) tailored to your unique

Other Services

We help identify your data visualization need and implement a solution appropriate for your application.

PTGEM provides end-to-end solutions, from infrastructure and server implementations to front-end mapping applications – all delivered with competitive operational costs. Our services can be embedded in existing systems and in networks that are closed or exposed.

Our Visualisation Subscription service allows you to enhance your analytics application or data visualization through flexible mapping and insights that come from spatial data. PTGEM allows you to access your data in a custom format that helps make timely and informed decisions. From geospatial data to cross-platform support to custom basemaps and data layers, PTGEM’s mapping and navigation solutions can bring a new level of insight to your visualization platform and data analytics.  

Our Spatial Intelligence Services
  • Geo-localization
  • Mapping styles definition
  • Geofencing (with alerts)
  • Routing (pedestrian, bike, car and other vehicles/modes)
  • Spatial queries
  • Network analytics
  • Export maps for reporting
  • Spatial correlation with external sources (weather, traffic and air quality)

What’s more, we use 3D rendering feature to present your data in ways you can easily digest the information and make informed decisions in real time. Your data was never more readily available and easier to understand with PTGEM’s API.

Get in touch to discuss your project and we will make an accurate assessment to identify the right solution for your needs.