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Who We Are


We are a Singapore-based company that provides reliable and accurate mapping and navigation services for a variety of business and consumer applications in ASEAN countries. We believe in the power of open source software and data to achieve optimum level of efficiency in terms of time, costs and performance. The diverse features of our IoT API and integrated mapping solutions are put together to provide a unique spatial intelligence to your data infrastructures, software and business applications. From the frontend user interface to the backend set-up and server applications, we provide a visual meaning to your data that is not otherwise available.


At PTGEM, we believe that our mapping and navigation solutions are providing building blocks to the efficient and effective management of geo-data in a variety of applications. embedded in the sleek and sophisticated architecture of our IoT API is a mechanism that helps craft beautiful maps and interpret location-based information in an intelligent and user-friendly manner. With our proprietary API integrated, your system will never be the same!


Your Map on Your Platform

Our fine-tuned IoT API leverages open data and transforms it into intelligent maps right within your own software platform.

Customized Mapping

Our in-depth knowledge of digital mapping technology and its application in a wide range of industries allows us to provide digital mapping solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements.

Effective Communication

We approach mapping as a way to communicate data more effectively and allow for better understanding of the world around us.

End-to-End Support

From data visualization to complex spatial analytics, we can support you to bring to life the intelligence embedded in geo-data.

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