We convert data into maps that make sense

Your data is as good as the use you make of it. Our mapping solution gives you the visual insights you need to make informed and calculated decisions.


One-Stop Digital Mapping API for Your Platform Needs

PTGEM’s APIs provide digital mapping solutions that enhance IOT product developments, improving data communication, reducing operating expenses and increasing business performance. Our cutting-edge digital mapping APIs convert critical data into actionable and easy-to-understand maps and visual insights, providing companies a better opportunity to make the most of their existing data platforms.


Our Mission

PTGEM’s mission is to make information more accessible for businesses through the power of maps and spatial intelligence. From building ecosystems to security partnerships to asset tracking and air monitoring, we ensure that our APIs not only provide geo-localized tracking and visibility into the objects’ behaviour and space utilization, but also deal with customers’ privacy, security, scalability and interoperability as key to their changing needs and business requirements.

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Harnessing the power of data

PTGEM’s IoT APIs are powerful tools to harness the power of your data that’s still crude and unintelligible without the visual elements. Our API has a wide range of useful applications for building owners, city councils, security firms, building managers, security managers, building tenants, IT managers, facility managers.

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Your Map on Your Platform

Our fine-tuned IoT API leverages open data and transforms it into intelligent maps right within your own software platform.

Customized Mapping

Our in-depth knowledge of digital mapping technology and its application in a wide range of industries allows us to provide digital mapping solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements.

Effective Communication

We approach mapping as a way to communicate data more effectively and allow for better understanding of the world around us.

End-to-End Support

From data visualization to complex spatial analytics, we can support you to bring to life the intelligence embedded in geo-data.

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